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Trigger Freedom | A Visual Think Tank

Free eBook!

WATCH How to: See It and Solve It

How does it feel when a problem can’t be solved?

And even worse…

Just when it seems solved, it comes back!

Do you ever lose sleep over a problem?
Do you long for restful, peaceful sleep?

SEE the cause of the problem…


While others are jumping to conclusions and never solving the problem,
you’ll be getting to to the bottom of it.

Trigger Freedom… Get out of the constraints.
Learn to define a problem,
and solve it once and for all.

But don’t take our word for it.

Do what Dr. Albert Einstein says…

“If I had an hour to solve a problem,
I would spend the first 59 minutes defining the problem,
and the final minute solving it.”

But wait! You’re not Einstein.
The Good News: You can be like Einstein.
YOU can learn to define a problem.

See it with your own eyes.

TriggerSketch®  the problem –  SEE its essence.

THEN, attack the problem at its core
to ensure it won’t come back!


Download our eBook.
It’s called, Talking Louder Doesn’t Help.

With this eBook, you will:
Learn to TriggerSketch®;
Be like Einstein.
Define a problem at its source, and solve it for good.