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6 Levels of Attitude and How You Can Improve Your Work Atmosphere | Trigger Freedom

6 Levels of Attitude and How You Can Improve Your Work Atmosphere

Every workplace has its character. What’s yours? Do you go to work every day trying to be productive and do good work, while others shamelessly hold you back? You take two steps forward and one step back, hour after hour. You never thought it would be this way. You work really hard. You run around looking for people, you seek information, and a lot goes wrong. At the end of the day you didn’t get your work done – your to-do list only got longer! You’re exhausted and unfulfilled. So you call your friends. You meet at a bar. Everyone is complaining about their workday. You have a few drinks, you go home, you fall asleep late, wake up and do it all over again.

Some people just seem to find ways of getting out of working. Sometimes you can’t even find them when you need them – they’re on the phone, they’re surfing the net, or they’re nowhere to be found. Other times they just don’t do what they said they’d do, or worse yet, they don’t even respond. Can’t you just have one good day? Why is this happening?

Here’s why you’re having this problem.

What you really want is to support teammates, appreciate them, encourage them to improve and to reach their potential, and to thrive on differences, just like all those good business books say. But it’s not happening. Stop and take a look. Who is escaping from doing work? People who escape work don’t connect for some reason. Their work is not impressive, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t engage them. Then, just when you think they’re improving, they pull another trick.

This isn’t how it is supposed to be. Remember when you first started? You had a vision of a vibrant workplace. It hasn’t materialized. Your peace of mind is minimal, your passion is almost extinguished and you can’t even go home feeling fulfilled. What happened?

The cause of the problem is not what you think. The truth is, a team works at the level of the lowest common denominator, not the highest. Some people just don’t do well on your team. They bring the whole team down. Maybe it’s the wrong team, they’re not team players, or the job just doesn’t fit them. So how can you find out? It’s hard to discuss these things, but you have to. The tool you have been looking for is here.

The link is to a diagram to share with your group. It will open the floodgates to discussion. There will be some laughter and some gasps. You will see a picture of how a person’s salary reflects their ability to impact the team’s success, and from it you can determine the strength of the spirit of the team.

Click on the link, sign up and in. How could you use this diagram at your workplace? What can you say about the value of workers at a workplace? How could you improve your value and that of others?

Join us! If you have an valuable addition or change to make, you can apply it to the diagram. Or you can write a postit note and leave it for others to respond to.


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One comment on “6 Levels of Attitude and How You Can Improve Your Work Atmosphere
  1. Jeff Golden says:

    Common Denominator is a terrific yardstick to measure your company progress.

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