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About Chavah | Trigger Freedom

About Chavah


Chavah Golden continues to pursue a colorful education. She uses it to clarify complex problems in a surprising way.

Ms. Golden earned two masters degrees, one is an M.A. in Community and Organization Development from Loyola University in Chicago, and the other is an M.S. in Leisure and Environmental Resources Administration (Camp Administration) from George Williams College in Aurora, Illinois. Her undergraduate studies were chemistry, physics, and math. She continues to study esoteric subjects, pulling EVERYTHING together.

Besides working for herself, she has worked for other people. Chavah’s main themes have been teaching, writing, training, and leading.

An overarching motif of innovation, invention, and creative problem solving always guide her ship.

The core of her work, whether teaching, writing, or leading, is defining problems and communicating them in a way that they can be solved. Over the decades, Chavah has become a specialist in TriggerSketching™. TriggerSketching™ is her way of conveying the core of a problem viscerally, so movement starts immediately toward resolution. This is her life work; putting the wind at our backs to propel success.

As an entrepreneur, Chavah invented Computing Solutions, Inc., a unique customized Macintosh training service for creative companies and departments. TriggerSketching™ was born here. She used TriggerSketches™ for everything from organization charts to employee development to sales. The company life spanned from Steve Jobs to John Scully, and back to Steve Jobs.

For other people, she designed courses and taught them at three Chicago Universities —  “Leadership for Technical Professionals” and “Knowledge Management” at The University of Chicago, “How to Create Learning Organizations” at DePaul University, and “Corporate Communications” at Roosevelt. Of course, her students were beneficiaries of many instructional TriggerSketches™. At The University of Chicago, she also worked as an administrator, developing and managing leadership development courses and programs.

For the Alzheimer’s Association, she travelled the country, merging state chapters, certainly using TriggerSketches™.

Finally, she couldn’t help but write a book entitled, The Soul Journer, in Quest of the Answer to Everything.

Being stuck, immobilized, or “caged in” is excruciating. It saps energy, creativity, and vitality. The only movement is down. Her undivided attention is toward assisting people and companies in getting unstuck and on track toward being successful in just about anything.